Origin of life:

It was early considered as a mystery how a genetic apparatus, the basic machinery of life, could have originated. In 1972 a sequence of hypthetical steps leading to such a genetic apparatus was invented *. These steps are all logically consistent and chemical reasonable. It was an argument against such a belief of a mystery on origin of life. This approach was developed since then and it should stimulate future experimental work to get to a deeper understanding of the origin of biological life as well as to reach artificial life.

Living entities are molecules or aggregates of distinctly interlocked molecules that can reproduce themselfes in a given environment and evolve, as a form, within appropriate achievable environments into forms of continuously increasing complexity and functional intricacy.

* H. Kuhn "Self-organization of molecular systems and evolution of the genetic apparatus"
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 11:798 - 820 (1972)

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